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Natural Chew Spotlight - Beef Tripas Sticks

Posted by Page on July, 2019

What are Tripas Sticks?

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Natural Chew Spotlight - Why Tendons are One of the Best Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

Posted by Page on June, 2019
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How to build the best Chew Bar for your pet supply store

Posted by Page on April, 2019
 Natural dog chews are becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the retail pet supply store 1. Does your store have a dedicated section for natural dog chews?
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Merchandising Treats and Chews in a Small Grooming or Boarding Lobby

Posted by The Natural Dog Company on March, 2019

Merchandising is all about displaying the right products in the right way and at the right time in order to appeal to the right kinds of consumers. The more clever and fun you can design your product displays, the more passersby will be compelled to stop, take a second look, and make a purchase.

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